Noeticus, 2015
Mixed Media Installation at Sister Gallery, Brooklyn

Text By Zuriel Waters

Noeticus is a reference to Noetics, a new-age branch of philosophy used in parapsychological research for science-fiction (for instance the X-Men) with a focus on "exploring psychic phenomena and the role of consciousness in the cosmos". For this project Holoweski has created a hard edged geometric sculpture out of cardboard and specialty color-shifting plexiglass that changes depending on the angle of the viewer. Loosely based on the platonic solids (similar to the utopian architecture of Buckminster Fuller) but intimate and ambivalently functional; the object careens between the poles of idealist abstract form and baroque consumer object. He has set this against a diagrammatic backdrop illustrating a rock's transformation into icosahedron that seems to suggest an evolutionary imperative towards an ideal form. Related to the idea of Noetics as a study of "human potentials" the rock becomes a symbolic figure of human progress; set forth with the improbable destination of transcendence but stalled-out somewhere along the way and left to find a new goal or wallow in nostalgia. on close up 01.jpg back right side 02.jpg back left side 01.jpg on close up 03.jpg on zoomed back 01.jpg