Recent Antiquities, 2016

Recent Antiquities is a suite of eight mixed media prints created in 2016 exploring the obsolete aesthetics of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. These objects and landscapes, simultaneously pre-vintage and post-utility, exist in a space of tension and unease that highlights the absurdity of their not-too-distant relevance and prowess. Each print from this series directly references a corresponding print from Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s etching suite, the Antiquities of Rome; a series documenting the ruins of Ancient Rome though landscapes, still life, and diagrams. Recent Antiquities combines traditional intaglio printmaking techniques with digital 3D modeling and inkjet printing. This combination of techniques highlights the anachronism of the subject matter and creates an enigmatic mixture of the digital and handmade. paper fragments of cd.jpg paper seven columns.jpg paper The Arch of Circuit City.jpg paper remains house copy.jpg paper Plan of the Mall.jpg paper Large CRT Television.jpg paper two fragments of computers.jpg paper fragments of harddrive.jpg by Side_Piranesi_Fragments of the Marble Plan of Ancient Rome.jpg by side_02_Piranesi_Seven Corinthian Columns.jpg by side_Piranesi_The Arch of Septimius Severus.jpg of a luxury home copy.jpg by side Plan of the Mausoleum of Constantina.jpg CRT Television.jpg by side_Piranesi_Two Fragments of Brick Stamps.jpg by Side_Piranesi_One of the Fragments of the Ancient Plan of Rome.jpg